Seam Welders


Using cutting edge, better technology is necessary for producing long-seam welding that is both productive and of high quality. This helps us maintain and grow our market share in the face of escalating competition. For welding longitudinal metallic seams, Kistler longitudinal seam welders offer unparalleled technology. Straight, rounded, or square components can be seam-welded together with the use of a seam welder. cylindrical components, such as bellows, cones, tanks, pipes, flat sheet plates, vessel cylinders, HVAC sheet metal, and more, can be joined using seam welding. 

Solutions for Precision Seam Welding

With numerous patents for its inventions, Kistler boasts the world's widest selection of seam welders. Kistler Seam Welding machines are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate diameters ranging from 40 mm to 13 meters. You must first identify the minimum and maximum diameters of the tube or vessel in order to pick the machine that best suits your demands.

Modern Seam Welder machines are at the forefront of welding innovation, specifically built to excel in welding longitudinal seams of sheets, plates, pipes, tanks, and cylindrical vessels.

Our seam welding machines are designed to handle a wide range of welding tasks, such as SAW, MIG, TIG, and plasma. Perfect alignment is ensured by the strong build and creative clamping finger design, which makes it possible to weld thin-gauge materials made of mild steel, titanium, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. A traveling carriage with variable speed that rides on precisely machined beams allows the torch to follow the welding seam with unparalleled accuracy.

At Kistler, we offer Seam Welders of the 5HSW Range as well as Seam Welders of the 7HSW Range.