Pipe Mill Equipment

Pipe Mill Equipment

Pioneering Welding Automation for Pipe Mill Excellence Worldwide

Welding automation holds great significance in the Pipe Mill Equipment industry. The welding solutions offered by Kistler have established their effectiveness by enhancing production efficiency, guaranteeing consistent quality, ensuring precision and accuracy, promoting safety, and offering cost-effective solutions. Our product portfolio is specifically designed to cater exclusively to the manufacturing needs of pipe mill equipment.

Among our satisfied customers in the Oil & Gas sector are:

  • EEW, Erndtebrück: >20 systems
  • EEW, Korea: 7 systems
  • EEW, Rostock: 13 systems
  • Nova Hut, Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • Bergrohr, Siegen (Germany) 
  • Bender-Ferndorf Pipe GmbH (Germany)
  • Westfalenwerk Grebe GmbH & Co., Kreuztal (Germany)
  • Cimtas Pipe, Gemlik (Turkey)


Nova Hut
Cimtas Pipe
Bender-Ferndorf Pipe GmbH