Pipe rotators U-Range U 150

U range


Pipe rotators U-Range

Pipe rotators of the U-Range: Pipe rotators are used for clamping, rotating, and tilting of pipes with round profiles in manual and automatic welding, mainly in the field of pipe construction (prefabrication and assembly on site) and central heating construction.

This Pipe Rotator with Clamping Roller System (Patented) has essential advantages over traditional devices.

  • They can be used for pipes with elbows, tee pieces, or other offset loads.
  • A wide range of pipes can be clamped. The infinitely variable rotary speed is not affected by
    the size of a pipe because of its separate drive unit.
  • Quick precise centering and clamping without chuck, clamping shoe, etc
  • Flexible pipe handling – pipe can be clamped at its center of gravity. Tilting moments and supports are irrelevant in most cases.
  • It is possible to center two pipes with the same diameter.
  • Various combinations are possible – eg clamping and driving of a main spindle.

Standard pipe rotators are designed to rotate work pieces 360° with forward and backward tilt from horizontal. Rotation and tilting may be performed independently or simultaneously. The tilting section consists of the drive and roller box, holding column, clamping arm, and pressure roller. Manual vertical height adjustment of the clamping roller system is included as standard on all units.